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Below are my Top 10 Books on Higher Consciousness and Transformation:

Barbara Marx Hubbard - Conscious Evolution
A classic and the book that sparked my interest in higher consciousness and transformation.

Gregg Braden - The Divine Matrix
One of my favorite books. Explains how we are all interconnected and how our thoughts and feelings can affect others.

David R. Hawkins - Transcending the Levels of Consciousness
A bit scholarly but provides a solid foundation for understanding the different levels of consciousness. His other books are also very good.

Michael Newton - Journey of Souls
Another favorite. Compelling evidence that we truly are spiritual beings and an excellent exploration of our soul journey.

Martha Beck - Steering By Starlight
I love Martha's books and this is one of my favorites. Offers practical suggestions for living a life guided by our inner wisdom.

Glenda Green - Love Without End... Jesus Speaks
Imagine spending months speaking with Jesus and asking him questions. Glenda did.

Ainslie McLeod - The Instruction: Living the Life Your Soul Intended
I loved this book so much I created a course (Soul-Centered AttractionTM) based on it.

Charlotte Sheldon - Quantum Leaps: 7 Skills for Workplace ReCreation
One of the best books I have read on quantum physics and how to apply what we are learning from this fascinating field in our life and work.

Schlitz, Vieten & Amorok - Living Deeply: The Art & Science of Transformation in Everyday Life
The title says it all. Based on a decade of research by the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

Wayne Dyer - There's a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem and Neale Donald Walsch - When Everything Changes, Change Everything
Two practical books for dealing with change and transformation.