Higher Consciousness Training ProgramTM

A Journey of Self Discovery
and Personal Transformation

That is probably the best way to describe the Higher Consciousness Training ProgramTM.

That is because this program was created by Spirit - for that very purpose.

Here is what you can expect from the Higher Consciousness Training ProgramTM

Purpose, passion and prosperity

You will learn how discover your soul purpose, how to tap into your passions
and how to combine the two in a way that blesses the world
and blesses you - mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially.

Release and heal the past
Blast through blocks and limitations

Once you are aligned with your soul purpose you will learn how to work with Spirit (Source)
to release and heal the past so you can fulfill your mission here on earth.
You will find yourself blasting through blocks and limitations
that may have been holding you back for years.

Be your true and authentic self

You will become comfortable being and expressing your true and authentic self at all times.
This will free up tremendous energy that previously went into
trying to be who others wanted you to be.

Manifest your true desires
more quickly and easily

By aligning with your soul purpose and releasing and healing the past
you will manifest the true desires of your heart more quickly and easily.

Make a difference. Leave a legacy.

Your soul purpose is a vitally important part of creation's masterpiece.
The work you are called to do will make a difference in the world.
You will be leaving a legacy that you can be proud of - and that will inspire others.

Greater peace and joy

Doing what you came here to do will bring you great joy.
And learning how to access and maintain a higher state of consciousness
will allow you to remain more peaceful - regardless of what is happening around you.

A deep, powerful connection to the Presence
Access to wisdom and guidance

You will learn how to develop a deep and powerful connection to the Presence.
(Spirit, Source, God, the Divine, Hashem, the Universe,
Allah, Jehovah, the Great Spirit - or whatever you prefer to call it)
This Presence is a source of tremendous wisdom and guidance
that will be available to you at all times and in all situations.

Deeper, richer, more harmonious relationships

Your higher consciousness will pave the way to
deeper, richer and more harmonious relationships.
You will also likely find yourself attracting wonderful new people into your life
- people who enjoy you for who you are and who want to be in your presence.

Help others. Make money.

Living an authentic, purposeful, passionate and prosperous life
will attract people who want to know how you do it.
You will have the knowledge and skills to help others
create similarly exciting and fulfilling lives - and get paid for doing it.

A community of loving, like-minded people

You will be joining a wonderful community of loving, like-minded people
who you will turn to again and again for support, friendship and encouragement.
The time you spend with this community will often be
the most uplifting and inspiring part of your week.

Here is a brief description of the Higher Consciousness Training ProgramTM

Module 1: Introduction to Higher Consciousness - Part 1
Module 2: Introduction to Higher Consciousness - Part 2

You will learn about the different levels of consciousness (LOC)
as taught by Dr. David R. Hawkins.
Part 1 focuses on higher states of consciousness while Part 2 covers the lower states - where almost all pain and suffering occur. You will learn how to
identify a person's LOC and you will learn specific practices and processes to help move a person to a higher LOC.

Module 3: Dancing with the Divine

In this course you will learn various ways to connect
with the Divine for guidance and healing.

Module 4: Enlightened AttractionTM

By the end of this course you will know who you really are and why you are here.
You will discover 10 soul attributes that make you unique - your "spiritual DNA".
Your life will suddenly make sense and you will understand
how everything that has happened in your life fits together.
You will also learn a 4-step process to manifest the true desires of your heart
more quickly and easily than you ever thought possible.

Module 5: Releasing and Healing

In this course you will learn and apply powerful techniques to release and heal
the deep sub-conscious and soul-level blocks that have been holding you back
from realizing your most cherished dreams and goals.

Module 6: The Practice of Higher Consciousness

In this course you will learn and practice techniques to attain and maintain higher states
of consciousness and you will also learn tools and processes you can use with others to help them experience greater joy, peace, happiness and prosperity.

Module 7: Elective

This Module gives you the opportunity to tailor the program to your specific interests.
You will have a selection of courses to choose from including:
Spiritual Practices
Spiritual Activism
The Spiritual Entrepreneur

Module 8: Practicum

During the Practicum you will take your knowledge, skills and experience
and put it into practice in the various areas of your life. You may also decide to make this a
career and work with clients to help them transform themselves and their lives.
(You only need a few clients and you have paid for your investment in this program!)

Additional Tools and Resources

We continue to support you after you finish the program with additional tools and resources:

"Your Business in a Box"

We provide you with everything you need to get started in your
Higher Consciousness PractitionerTM business - business training as well as
ready-to-use materials for your coaching, seminars and teleclasses.

Weekly Master Mind

You will love this uplifting and inspiring weekly call with like-minded people.

Coaching and Mentoring

You receive complimentary coaching and mentoring throughout the program.
Coaching and mentoring is also available after the program at a special rate for graduates.

Networking and Community

Network with other graduates and students, make friends, find joint-venture partners, etc.

Practitioner Listing

You will be listed in our directory of certified Higher Consciousness PractitionersTM.

Practitioner Referral Service

We will refer people to you who are looking to work with a
certified Higher Consciousness PractitionerTM
(a referral fee applies if hired by the referral).

Six Months to Six Figures ProgramTM

This program will show you how to develop multiple streams of income
and how to create a six-figure business within six months.
(Graduates can take this program at a significant discount.)

Ready to get started?

Program begins the week of November 29 2010.
(Registrations accepted until November 28 2010).

We have made our program readily affordable.

The entire program is only $1,997.

Option 1: One single payment of only $1,997.

U.S. & International Residents: $1,997.00 CAD

Canadian Residents: $1,997.00 CAD - Plus applicable taxes

Option 2: Or you can make 10 monthly payments of only $227.

U.S. & International Residents: $227.00 CAD for 10 months

Canadian Residents: $227.00 CAD - Plus applicable taxes for 10 months

Select the option that works best for you - and let's get started
on your path to personal and global transformation.