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Our Vision

Centered in the Divine Presence, we raise consciousness,
transform lives and co-create a better world.

Our Mission

We offer divinely guided programs and services that help people
to explore, experience and express their true, authentic, magnificent divine self
in every aspect of their life. As each person fully expresses their divine potential,
they raise the collective consciousness and transform the world.

Our Values

Divinely led

We regularly seek to discern what the Divine Presence
is seeking to express through us and through the Higher Consciousness Training InstituteTM.


We recognize and respect each person as a perfect expression of the Divine.


All our thoughts, words and actions are directed by love.


We express compassion and kindness to every person and every situation.


We are committed to doing the necessary work to transform ourselves and our world.


We support and encourage each other on our journey of growth and transformation.


Guided by the Divine Presence, we do what is ours to do in the world.
We know that each person's contribution is a vital part of the whole.