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Don Giberson

Don is the Founder, President and Senior Instructor
at the Higher Consciousness Training InstituteTM.

Don's spiritual path began in 1994 when he read a book by Deepak Chopra.

It was like a switch had suddenly been turned on inside him;
igniting a passion that led to an ongoing exploration of spirituality, consciousness,
transformation, manifestation, law of attraction, quantum physics and related topics.

Don has been a member of Unity since 1994
and has served on the Board of Directors and as a Prayer Chaplain.

In 2004 Don founded DreamCrafters, an international training and coaching company
that offers coaching, seminars, teleclasses and online programs that have helped
thousands of people in over 60 different countries discover and live their dreams.

From 2006-2010, Don was an instructor at the Law of Attraction Training Center
where he helped train hundreds of Law of Attraction coach-trainers.
His courses focused on spirituality, raising consciousness,
soul-centered attractionTM, transformation and related topics.

In 2010, Don was guided to create the Higher Consciousness Training Institute,
thus fulfilling a vision he had been given two years earlier.

Don is the creator of the Enlightened AttractionTM program
and co-creator with Karen Kent of the Your Divine DestinyTM Program.

Don's passion is helping people find, follow and fulfill their soul purpose; their destiny.